Why Paypal

Why Paypal

Went our clients are getting an online shop built they often ask why we recommend PayPal, because it is the primary method we use and recommend for online sales.

Well lets look at the options:

Direct link to your bank
While this method is dependent on the bank itself, each bank is different and has different requirements. Some require a great deal of information from you in order to set this up, and the development fees are often very high to integrate it into a shopping cart. Most banks will also not give you protection against fraudulent sales, let alone customer protection.
Cost wise, when you add development cost, account costs and monthly fee this is often the most expensive option, (depending on your bank).

Online Competitors to PayPal
While there are always new companies opening up that offer a similar service, the difference soon becomes clear, the information they require to start the account and get you up and running is extensive, and again they rarely offer customer and seller protection.
Their charges are also usually more expensive than PayPal.

Capture Credit Card Details Option
There are still other options out there, including capturing the credit card information and manually processing it, we strongly advise against this method. Firstly this puts all of the responsibility on the site owner, you are now responsible for the data and its security. Second, mistakes happen, so manually processing the transaction can be troublesome and can cause issues. Finally, there is no automation with this method, so it increases the amount of work you have to do.

Benefits of PayPal
PayPal offers security that others do not for both the seller and buyer.
It works, first time every time.
PayPals security is excellent, they also demand the same from site developers.
Your customers do not have to be PayPal members to use it.
Our systems and most other systems are already built to cater for PayPal, so no additional development costs
Its easy to use
Cost wise it is comparable to the alternatives and in most cases cheaper.
Familiarity, the most used online market place is Ebay, and it uses PayPal as its primary payment processor, so your customers are more than likely already used to using it.

Finally, this is ultimately up to the site owner as to what way to go with online credit card processing, just be sure to check out all of the options before making a decision.

Publisher: Stu
Date Published: Jul 13 2017 12:47PM
Date Edited: Oct 24 2017 6:23PM