Marketing for Traffic

Marketing for Traffic

Blog, Blog and Blog Again

Yes thats right, Blogging!
This method is the most reliable method of bringing in traffic to your website consistently.
Of course there are some basic rules to get it to work, but overall the results will speak for themselves.

How To Do It?

Chances are you already have a topic to talk about in detail, if you have a business then you had to get it started, you had to learn about your product and all facets of purchasing, retail and advertising. Talk about it, write down what you have done, you are not going to be the only one selling cute fluffy toys (example product), so talk about key-points you had to learn to get your product to the sales floor.

Be truthful and cover the details, let others know what is required and make sure you dont play down your hard work. This will do several things:

It will let others know who are considering getting into business that there is a lot to it (lets face it there is a lot to every business out there), and not to take it lightly.

It will give people who are serious about getting business real advice and working experience that is invaluable and create kinship. Even if they are a competitor, learning from you will automatically create respect.

Traffic will follow!
Yes thats right, because people are always looking for opportunities to work for themselves, this kind of information will be ranked, so chances are you information could be bringing in high levels of traffic in no time. (depending on your topic and how you set it out)


This is not to say you should give away all of your business secrets, rather elements of your business that will give people points on what they have to consider and deal with.

Layout Your Blog

Use headings to your benefit. 
Keep your sentences short sharp and to the point. 
Be Honest, dont glaze over the details or hard to do tasks
Explain the pitfalls and what to look out for.
Dont be afraid to give advice, but keep a degree of professionalism.
Mostly be informative, think what you would have like to read before doing your business.

Finally, Why Does It Work?

Well the answer to this is actually quite simple, Google wants to provide answers to its users. If you provide informative, truthful content that is on point, Google will appreciate that and promote your Blog.

Publisher: Stu
Date Published: Jul 13 2017 12:33PM
Date Edited: Oct 24 2017 6:23PM