Advertising Small Business - Service Seeking

Advertising Small Business - Service Seeking

We are consistently looking for new applications and services that will help our clients and provide new ways for us to recommend systems and methods for business advertising.

We have come across an online system called "Service Seeking", and while many of these are fly by night applications, this particular one seems to have had a good deal of press over the years and it has come to our attention via social media.

We have signed up for an account, and when we have all the information in and reviews added by our clients, we will pay the monthly membership and start testing the service.

Our review of the service will be posted here in updates, so keep and eye out for our summary, because lets face it, more business is never a bad thing.


Help Us Evaluate The System:
In order to evaluate the system effectively we need to give ourselves every chance of success from the beginning, particularly given our industry. So we would like to ask our clients to please provide a review of dataNdeisgns in this new system so we can give you a fair and even review in return.
To Give dataNdesigns a review on Service Seeking:

Initial Review and Impression:
The signup process was very straight forward and easy to understand, their membership pricing seems affordable provided it works, and for those with a small advertising budget this could work out to be a great option to get your serivces out there.

TBA - Coming Soon.

Publisher: Stuart
Date Published: Mar 14 2018 8:50AM
Date Edited: Jun 20 2018 8:52AM