Safety In Check

This website is designed to focus on workplace health and safety as a provider. The site is a growing system with ongoing development, as the owner gathers more information and resources they will be added to the site as a point of reference, along with Blogs and info links to help their clients.

As with the rest of our ADBX websites, this has fully structured data, meta data, mobile compliance, full time monitoring and self aware checks.

A feed is pulled into the home page to provide dynamic content and their Facebook page is also linked to the site along with the Like and Share options.

While initially a simple site at the moment, the structure behind the site is comprehensive and designed to grow with the business. 

This is a site to keep and eye on as there will be a great deal of information added as it matures.

Safety In Check

Publisher: dataNdesigns
Date Published: Sep 11 2017 8:04PM
Date Edited: Sep 11 2017 8:15PM