Mechanics At Work

Normally our posts and blogs are for letting people know about our new clients and their services. This one is different.

Calvin from Mechanics At Work is one of our clients, so we thought we would give him a go.

If you are like us and have tried several different mechanics, each time the cost is huge, more issues than you first thought, and unreliable. One mechanic even charged us for work that was never done!
Trust is one of those things that is becoming more and more rare these days, so we are so happy we have found Calvin, he is one of those rare breeds of mechanics that are completely honest and reliable.

His pricing is very economical, he turns up when he says he will, and he fixes the problem every time!

We will not be using another mechanic again now we have found Calvin, and if you are in the Brisbane or surrounding areas, you should give him a go, I can guarantee that you will be like us.

Check out his Facebook page, and the reviews on there will be enough to let you know what we are talking about.

Publisher: dataNdesigns
Date Published: Sep 1 2017 1:57PM
Date Edited: Sep 1 2017 2:10PM